Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 9 
Ouch. Today's hurt a little.  I finished being a part of something that will continue on without me.  It did not end badly, in fact there was laughter, however, my role in it is finished and it was time for me to be done.  I will miss these gatherings, but the relationships that I have because of them will continue on. I remember fondly our children's stories, silly little secrets, games and deeper questions, and good food and drink.  I, also, look back very fondly on the "purchases" (moose books, voice lessons, and Beach room decor) because they were so much more than things.  They represent eras in my journey. Hasta luego! (until later)
Vickie Dyck:  "time for me to be done..." That is a phrase I will take as food for thought... thank-you.
Marilee Fehr:  sometimes this is a lesson we need to learn and don't ... I too will take this to heart and ponder what it means for me - thanks
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