Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 14 
Tuesday, January 14th
This morning I finished a package of feminine hygiene products from 2009.  Maybe this means I'm almost finished with the whole "she-bang"! (pardon the pun) This is one "period" (I'm on a very bad pun-roll) in my life I would really like to finish gracefully versus grumpily! (sorry - no pics on this one)

Day 15 
Wednesday, January 15th
Today I finished making the gift certificates for Prairie Sun Brewery! Or, at least until next year.  At any rate, I'm unpacking my box and not taking it back and forth anymore. 

Day 16  
Thursday, January 16th
Today, just in the nick of time, I finished my other Book Club pick - Remarkable Creatures! Great discussion book friends! And, this means I get to start my all time favorite - Count of Monte Cristo!
Vickie Dyck:  Gracefully versus grumpily...... that is my motto..... sometimes it is harder to achieve that than other times
Nicole Laliberte:  "No pics on this one", funny.  Did you enjoy Remarkable Creatures?  Should I add it to my list? 
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