Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 6  Another Pensacola story to finish today.  I was determined to find the intoxicating aroma of blooming honeysuckle while on my visit, however I would be disappointed for a short time before being introduced to a new (at least new to me) aromatic beauty - the Confederate Jasmine(photo 1).  I was able to smuggle some home and though it hasn't held up well, I found the little white paper flowers in the second picture below to mimic their look and vine-like growth.  The cross was also a special find in a shop in the Seville Quarter where heavy, rusty metal relics  from sunken ships and artifacts representing the strong French-Catholic presence were tourists' favorites.  The heavy cross is a magnifying glass and the song You Are Loved by Hope's Call was indeed a "magnified" message on the radio from God to me during my stay there. This special reminder reaches out to my sense of smell, sight and sound - how wonderful!

Vickie Dyck:  So simple and so very profound
Marilee Fehr:  i am beginning to look forward to your daily posts - this one is indeed a precious memory - thanks for sharing! 
Nicole LaliberteI love this one Karen. And, I also wish FB had scratch n' sniff capabilities. 
Jane Friesen:  My memory of honeysuckle aroma is truly awakened as we have a pink honeysuckle tree in our back yard - on a cold January day this is a jewel memory - love the heavy cross too with the reminder of LOVE  
Karen Sougstad Richard:  Your daily writings are an inspiration to me, as I have several areas of the house to finish going through and cleaning out this year!
Karen Martens:  That's great Karen Sougstad Richard! It does feel really good to do. I can honestly say it motivates me a lot to think about finishing these things. In your cleaning, if you find ANY "Bob" treasures, great or small, you know I'll take them off your hands
Karen Sougstad Richard:  Will certainly do, Karen!
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