Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 23 
Today I finished gathering all the needed items for ... lets call it my BNB for now!  This is Step 2 from Day 12's Step 1.  Tomorrow or Saturday, I will finish assembly and post a pic. I'm really excited about this one!  It's been in the works for so long!  I hope I can sleep!

Also, today I finished 138 months of being married to a really good man (which doesn't even begin to describe him).  Tomorrow I'll start on the 139th month with a renewed sense of gratitude for each month and year I have with him.
Vickie Dyck:  You sound much better today Something to celebrate and something to look forward to.... Life doesn't get much better than that 
Vickie Dyck:  Beautiful picture, too!

Shteena Wiebe Teichroeb: Very beautifull
Lorna Neufeldt: Beautiful wedding picture.
Sara Denyer: awwww!!!!!
Nicole Laliberte:  Lookin' good you two! 
Marilee Fehr: lovely!! thanks for sharing
Bruce Jantzen: Just love that photo of you both
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