Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7  
Today was the first day I was starting to worry about what it was that I had time to finish.  I talked myself out of focusing on that and just seeing what the day would bring ..... a very pleasant surprise.  Today I had the opportunity to "finish" a conversation with a friend; one that needed finishing for a long time. You know those conversations that I'm talking about.  They hang over us like a wet blanket. I had been avoiding it for awhile. But don't get me wrong, avoidance isn't all bad especially if its not the permanent solution. It can give us time to reflect on what's important. Well, it had been long enough to give both of us good perspectives and short enough that it was easy to laugh after and encourage one other.  I think this journey of "finishing" things is going to take me to some pretty heart-warming destinations.  Can't wait for the days to come!
Vickie DickYou are opening my eyes to all the ways that one can "finish" something -- a goal, a conclusion, closure -- I look forward to the rest of the year for you. (And I look forward to your posts )
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