Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3
This one might not make as much sense, but it is a very significant "finishing" touch for me.  The main reason is that I had a very special trip last year to Pensacola where God really demonstrated His love for me in some amazing and unforgettable ways.  I spent the rest of the year recreating a little Beach getaway room in the basement in order to make a special place to go to spend time with God. (I will actually post a lot of little decorative touches for this particular room over the next year - items I have started but not finished.) Today's item is a finishing detail after painting.  I hadn't put the outlet and light-switch covers back on yet , so I decided to have a little paper crafting fun and "finish" this job - with a sentimental twist.
Vickie Dyck:  love it - I remember your story about trying to find a map
Sara Denyer: Oh Karen that is fantastic!! 
Tanja FunkCan't wait to see all those pieces put together
Heidi Studebaker Bohne: Great work 
Marilee Fehrsuch a fun idea ... can't wait to see how the room unfolds!!
Nicole LaliberteThose look great!
Jane Friesen:  awesome idea
Joyanne Batty-Dufour:  What a fantastic idea!!
Karen Martens: Thanks friends! I, of course, got this idea off .... Pinterest. They used decorative wrapping paper, buts maps are thinner paper too and it worked really well!!
Joyanne Batty-Dufour:  I have an old piece of new paper from the 1930s that was found in our reno travels... the date on it is actually my birth date...non many decades later of course. I could totally do this. Modge podge??
Karen Martens:  yep! spread a thin coat on cover, then a thin coat on back of paper. be patient and keep pressing it around to the back. It doesnt take very long, but it will hold better if you keep pressing (kind of like massaging it from center to sides and around...
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