Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 4
This was the first year in all my 45 years that I took down the Christmas tree on December 26th.  The renovations going on made me need to do some major cleaning and it began with taking down the decorations .... however, you know those few items you forget about and have to grab later and shove into an already packed Christmas box?  Well, today - I finished putting those last things away.  It's always a little bitter sweet to "finish" the official Christmas season, but I remind myself that the peace and joy of knowing Christ lasts all year. (Had to share a cute pic of "my kids"!)
Vickie DyckAlways looks so empty when the decorations come down -- I guess it an empty slate right?
Karen MartensI know exactly what you mean Vickie. But it isn't long and those creative juices start going again and I have more ideas and projects and inspirations to start and someday finish. lol
Julia BueckertYep - miss the lights on the tree, the carols, the ambience, but 2014 has many blessings in store for each of us from our good Lord!
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