Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 24 
Does it count if Paul does the work to finish one of my ideas?  I think so ... While I was painting the mud room, he finished this washer/dryer stand in the laundry room and covered it with our new flooring! Looks sharp! Now all we need is a washer and dryer sitting there ... more for Paul to do while I finish the third coat!  You could say we are "finishing" together!
Vickie DyckReally nice! Finishing together always goes faster, I recommend it!
Jane Friesen: what a great idea
Marilee Fehr: two are pretty much always better than one - definitely counts!!! BTW I love the look!!
Jaimie Zimmerman:  Love the paint colors!
Nicole Laliberte:  Nice flooring choice.  Looks great!
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  1. the flooring is in!!! When did that happen and who helped??