Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 18 
Here is how a simple finish sometimes goes ... (in my "crazy" life anyways) - Find the "perfect enough" frame (which is not so easy to do), open up the back of the frame, remove cardboard and that nice picture of some people I don't know, place my item in frame, replace cardboard and press down all the little metal tabs that hold it in place, turn it over to realize the pic is upside down, repeat all the above one more time and double check the item is right side up, then I measure and measure again so I know where the nails get hammered into the wall, hammer in the nails, but the hangers on back don't reach because I measured the whole frame instead of hanger to hanger, measure again and move nails only for the picture to now hang VERY crooked; measure again and re-adjust one of the nails but see I took it an 1/8th of an inch too low; remeasure, re-hammer, and after filling ALL the holes, wait for it to dry, do two coats of touch up paint (because one didn't cover the mud up entirely), wait for that to dry, and finally, after an all day, 5-minute job, I finish framing and hanging this map of the southern gulf coast. ....  LOVE IT! And my crazy existence! I have to say this .... I saw it through to the bitter end! HA!
Vickie DyckDays like that have MANY MANY moments where you could just as easily throw your hands up and QUIT! BUT I am very proud of you for holding out throw to the "bitter end"! (I must say I have had the same kind of day hanging pictures myself )
Sheryl Schmidt: LOL. Is it wrong that I giggled while reading this?
Tanja Funk After the many, many, MANY lopsided, too many holes in the wall, picture hanging fiasco's, I now use 3M velcro strips for pretty much every wallhanging.
Karen MartensNo Sheryl, in fact, I kind of do the same while shaking my head ... at myself! What more can you do? Thanks Tanja, I will have to look for that stuff and see how it works. 
Karen Sougstad Richard:  You're definitely not alone in being "picture-hanging challenged"!!!
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