Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 20 
I'm relieved to say that I finished my store's 2013 PST return.  Whew!
Vickie DyckYou did it!!! I am envious because I see the mountain of paper in all my receipt boxes and I know what awaits I especially love the cartoon 
Marilee Fehr: I am impressed ... that is a job that would likely do me in! Good for you for persevering until you finished once again
Nicole Laliberte:  Way to go! I'm impressed when I finish my own taxes (which are the simplest in the world, I'm sure!) so I can't even imagine what is involved in owning a store and PST returns etc.
Tanja Funk:  What a big job! The cartoon reminds me of me, looking over my tax stuff - somethings wrong, but I don't know where.....
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