Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 8
Long day helping at the brewery.  I came home to a nice bowl of soup and dug into the back of the fridge for that jar of pickles I bought last fall when Paul went moose hunting (Paul is not a fan of pickles).  I found one pickle left and half a dozen onions.  Well .... down the hatch for the cause, recycled the jar ... and that's that (finished that is).  "Pickles is as pickles does."
Heather Williams:  Plus you helped us finish a lot at the brewery! Double points today
Vickie Dyck:  I never count the onions -- it's a jar of pickles after all, now isn't it?
Nicole Laliberte:  Love that little comic! I laughed out loud.
Karen Martens:  You are so right, Vickie! However, if you saw the little bitty shred of the last pickle you'd understand my decision to down those little onions floating around and call it properly finished! lol
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