Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 39
This morning I picked up a book I set aside last fall about prayer.  I kid you not when I say that the intro left me somewhat speechless - "Willing? Good!  Now, determine before God that you are going to finish what you start. ...determine that you are going to spend [time] sitting at His feet, learning what He means when He says, 'Pray ...' ."  Well, what more is there to say . . . I guess I will be finishing THAT book this year! HA!

Today I also finished "loads" of laundry, some of which has been waiting since before Christmas, and a project I started last summer.  I don't know why some things take me so long, because once I buckle down and do it, it takes hardly any time at all!   I finished replacing all the cushions in our couches, as well as, adding more stuffing to the back cushions.  Boy were they comfy for movie-time with Paul!!

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