Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 31
Yippee!! I finished!! And I LOVE it!! -- a mini-suitcase/photo album.  There is a photo album that pulls out the one side; its intended for a travel album someday. Maybe I'll put all the photos from my trip to ______________ in it!! Thank you to the following people:  Dianne for rescuing these antique office organizers from the dumpster for your crafting friend; Marilee for thinking everything I do is beautiful; Sheryl for helping me with courage -- I do feel empowered!!; Sara for always sitting next to me, listening patiently to my ongoing outpouring of frustration mixed with joyous outbursts; and to my Northwind for fixing everything that needs fixing!  Ok - it sounds like I've published a book or something! lol  Been dreaming of this idea for a long time and I have six other boxes to make into suitcases someday, but I'm very happy to have started and finished this one.  I have two trips under my belt already - one with Heather to Florida and another with Paul to Alaska.  So that leaves four more trips - hmmm ....  Norway! Taiwan! Italy! Uganda!  That should do it!  I am a bit of a homebody after all!  Bon Voyage!! (It's a two exclamation-point kind of day don't you think!?!)

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