Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 30
Sometimes on this journey of finishing, I find myself confessing things I don't really want to confess;  or, at least, not to the whole world.  But it is what it is, so here goes.  I don't really like doing dishes.  The ones that get loaded into the dishwasher no problem.  Its those big or oddball buggers that need hand washing.  It is one area that I struggle with starting, don't even mention finishing

Every Christmas, my family has always made rosettes, and I have continued the tradition faithfully.  It is the only guaranteed "goodies" we might see around here.  Every day after the making of the rosettes there sit the rosette irons waiting to be washed.  They don't even need to be washed, per say, merely, wiped off.  But they get moved around the counter for days ..... some years, weeks ...... I hate to admit it, but some years, MONTHS!!  We have actually seen the summer come upon us and those silly rosette irons are still on the counter shoved back into the corner!  Today, while I had a million other things to do getting ready for a houseful of scrapbookers, today I decided it was time to take care of those irons! - Rinsed off the sugar, wiped them down, dipped them in oil and put them into baggies - done! Easy-breezy puddin' n' pie!!!  God Bless Me, I am a silly woman!

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